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Expense Tracker Worksheet

Expense Tracker Worksheet

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Are you looking to be more organized when it comes to your business; tracking sales, expenses, inventory orders, etc?

I have completely redesigned the exact Excel Spreadsheet that I use for my own business (after it being requested more than 30 times in small business groups when I broke down how I run my business) to offer to other business owners!

The complete document includes:

-Basic Excel Functions (only what is needed to work within this document)

-Income/Expense Tracker

-Daily Sales Tracker

-Projections (to calculate how much you can expect to make based on how things are going)

-Top Products Sold Tracker

-Wholesale Tracker (if applicable)

-Order Details Worksheet to track inventory orders

-Social Media Follower Tracker

-Basic Content Planning Sheet

There is a total of 15 different tabs in the Excel document.

For necessary worksheets, I have provided a guide on what exactly the worksheet is, an example filled out, and the blank template to use for your own business. The documents are formulated with all equations, all you have to do is plug in your info! Each month will show you whether you profit or are in the negative, and there is also a running total for the year.

I use this in my own business to track my income and expenses, down to every last penny, and this is the exact document I provide my tax man at the end of each year.

My personal email is on the document to answer any questions that may arise.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a CPA and this does NOT take the place of filing your taxes. It is a tool to assist with keeping your business organized and tracking income/expenses.

*May not be useful for larger 6-7 figure businesses.*

Worksheet is in Excel-no refunds available. 

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